Northwest Utility Contractors Association

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PHONE: [503] 328-9725  -  FAX: [503] 489-5812

Members Benefits

As a Northwest Utility Contractors Association member you have access to the following benefits:

NWUCA Insurance Dividend Program

***Dividend Returned for 8th Straight Year!***

$4,200,000 Paid Back to Program Members!

A truly proprietary, State approved insurance benefit for all active contractor and (select) associate members of the Northwest Utility Contractors Association, allowing for up to 24.9% of annual premium returned.

  • General Liability
  • Auto Liability
  • Property
  • Inland Marine
  • Umbrella *

*Umbrella quotes/coverage available but line is not included in dividend calculation

Highlights of the program include:

  • Competitive Rates
  • Composite GL Rating available based on Sales or Payroll
  • Tailored coverages - NO subsidence exclusion, NO residential exclusion, full 10-year statute of limitations coverage, Ltd. Jobsite Pollution, ltd. Demolition, etc.
  • Dividend payout based on loss results of the group. - up to 24.9% of premium returned.
    • No Joint & Several liability for members
  • No Assessments upon the group for less than favorable results.
  • Carrier and Sponsor / Administrator Advertising $$ back to the Northwest Utility Contractors Association based on participation

Sponsored and Administered by the Northwest Utility Contractors Association, underwritten by Bitco Insurance Company (AM Best rated A+ IX)

Formerly known as Bituminous Insurance Company


NWUCA offers an insurance exchange that allows all of our employer members with an active CCB license OR employers certifying that 50% or more of the work they do is with, or for the construction industry.  Partnering with Kaiser Permanente, Samaritan Health Plans and LifeMap, our members have access to unique and comprehensive coverage options that provide statewide networks through HMO and PPO type plans.

The Insurance Exchange offers the following unique benefits:

  • Regardless of size, employers with 2 or more employees will receive competitive Large Group Rates
  • Dual carrier HMO & PPO offerings for groups with 50 or more employees, with no rate increase.
  • Free LifeBalance membership for discounts at thousands of recreational, cultural, travel and wellness
      related businesses
  • COBRA administration is included
  • Free Section 125 Premium Only Plan documents when offering Voluntary benefits
  • Guaranteed Issue Voluntary Products at Group Rates with No Minimum Participation required
  • Online Benefit Admin System allows 24/7 Online Eligibility Changes and Review
  • Consolidated Invoice
  • The Contractors Retirement Plan 401k
  • All funding options are available (partially self-funded, defined contribution, defined benefit or percentage of contribution)

Insurance Exchange Carriers & Providers include:

  • Kaiser Permanente NW (Health, Dental, Vision, Alternative Care, Rx Insurance
  • Kaiser Permanente NW (PPO Dental - includes Kaiser and all other providers)
  • Samaritan Health Plan (Health, Alternative Care, Vision, Rx Insurance)
  • LifeMap/VSP (Group vision)
  • LifeMap (Group Life & Short-Term Disability)
  • LifeBalance (Wellness Program)
  • WellSpring Employee Assistance Plan (EAP)
  • What If USA (General Agent)
  • TailorWell (Online Eligibility, Premium Funding Administration & Cobra Management)
  • Colonial Life (Voluntary Benefits)


NWUCA is now offering Allstate Benefits, as our provider of voluntary benefits.

Allstate Benefits VS. AFLAC

  • Allstate Benefits has lower rates.
  • Allstate Benefits has a local team with personalized service.
  • Allstate Benefits has surpassed AFLAC nationally, and is now the #1 provider in supplemental voluntary benefits.

Serving both Oregon and Washington from the same location for 25 years, Damian’s local office will partner with your company before, during and after the enrollment process.  As fellow business owners they understand the priority to minimize disruption to productivity, and pride themselves on being able to fit the enrollment process to your workflow.

Policies types include:

  • Accident Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Term and Universal Group Life
  • Cancer Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Dental Coverage

Heavily Discounted Rates to Join the Construction Industry Crime Prevention Program (CICP)

Discounts on Cellular Service and Equipment through Sprint/Nextel Corporation

  • 10% Discount Off all Rate Plans.
  • Flat Rate Pricing on All Equipment (Usually $50.00 Off)
  • 15% of Accessories.

50% Tuition Credits and 30% Discount on Books & Lab Fees at the NW College of Construction

Educational Scholarships

  • $2000 scholarship and $1500 scholarship for a current high school senior
  • $2000 scholarship and $1500 scholarship for a student currently enrolled in college
  • $2000 scholarship and $1500 scholarship for students planning to attend/currently attending the NW College of Construction

Access to Resource Materials